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Talk with Trace

Apr 24, 2022

Her story is of adventure, discovery, travel and entrepreneurship. Feeling like she wanted to create a space for women like her that wanted to be active, try new and thrilling things. She's a renowned French Canadian voice of female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Erika left her motherland in 2014, travelling the...

Apr 18, 2022

Narelle Anderson, is the founder and CEO of ENVIROBANK. This discussion is personal, we talk about the wise words from her mother that still resinates with her today, we discuss leadership, core values driving the business and we discuss the industry of recycling in Australia. Join me Monday to hear the conversation....

Apr 10, 2022

This week is all about the some of the best snippet compilations from over 18 past guests. We could have done so many of these but just not enough room in a 1 hour episode. This was the most fun to put together and we hope you like it.


Apr 3, 2022

Em is an entrepreneur, martial artists, dancer, podcast producer and host of her show “Tacking Minds”. She is the creator of “Mental Muscle Co” for mental fortitude, she’s founder of “Creative Erotism” for empowering women in their expression of their sexuality, she’s a fitness coach, speaks 5 languages,...