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Talk with Trace

Aug 30, 2020

Australian sweetheart & iconic triple threat crazy talented
Trace talks with Christine about her career, staying relevant, the eternal demand on looking & being a certain way & it’s affect on her. Christine talks to Trace about her start in the industry, the frocks, the films, the dances, the musical theater, the 2000...

Aug 9, 2020

ELLIOT REEVES is a popular figure in Scotland known best for his Inspire Edinburgh show that encapsulates the essence of powerful conversation.
He is a founder, broadcaster & public speaker
His vision, a world where people and businesses utilise the full potential of digital technology to create positive global change &...

Aug 2, 2020

Trace talks with the charismatic, million dollar smile delight! This outstanding human you may know from Netflix as a makeover guest on Queer Eye. Wesley’s story is a triumph over circumstances, was shot 3 times in the abdomen on the brink of death. The incident rendered him paralysed.
8 years later, has founded a non...