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Talk with Trace

Dec 19, 2021

These two Italian/Australian creative, fashionistas, artists, tour guides & ultimate foodies are my next guests!
Lisa and Toni grew up in Australia but in their late teens, early twenties, became more and more interested in exploring their Italian roots and cultural background. Both women have built an empire of food,...

Dec 13, 2021

Jorge is an Emmy Award-winning freelance Video Journalist, Fixer/Field Producer & Camera Operator. He was born & raised in Mexico but now lives in Australia & manages his team in Mexico where they cover stories related to Mexico and the USA. We discuss El Chapo, the underground tunnels, being held at gunpoint, what its...

Dec 5, 2021

Alen is a creative director, photographer & YouTube genius, but more than that, he’s an incredible person.
Alen has done work for massive brands such Lamborghini, Mercedes & Lexus to name a quick few. He’s traveled the world, now has 800K following. His business is booming & after his appearance on the podcast over...