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Talk with Trace

Apr 19, 2020

Trace Talks to David about the leap from communications into following dream, living overseas & founding his very own food, wine and tour consultancy business, North Italy. Trace talks life, this Covid time with David, whats next for him to finish of the Covid special episodes

Apr 15, 2020

Naomi returns to Talk with Trace about sex & relationships within the confines of isolation. All of us may be experiencing different reactions, challenging behaviour, bickering, anxiety, frustration & just want some advise or little tricks up your sleeve to help deal with it all, tune in to hear this conversation

Apr 12, 2020

James Hill is back on the Podcast talking all things mental health in isolation. Join Trace as she talks with James about coping tips & tricks to keep from going down rabbit holes & finding structure, hope & coping throughout this uncertain time we are facing