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Talk with Trace

Mar 27, 2022

Episode is 136 is wonder woman herself, the great Hana Robinson, co-founder of kgari fraser island adventures. She’s a eco warrior, entrepreneur, innovator, sustainability advocate and her organisation runs breach clean ups on K’gai every couple of months to pull plastic and other rubbish off the island. I invited...

Mar 20, 2022

Claudia Colgate is a critical care flight paramedic and teaches advanced cardiac, paramedic, trauma and wilderness life skills.

She is am an international expedition leader and guide on small tourist expedition ships, focusing on the polar regions, with more than 70 voyages to the Antarctic alone. While working on the...

Mar 13, 2022

Dr Sarah Woodhouse returns! Her episode was the most listened to episode of all time for Talk with Trace the Podcast and we are excited to have her back on to talk about the release of her book in the UK. We catch up what has happened since we spoke last, the sensational sucsess of the book in Australia and around the...

Mar 7, 2022

Eric broke the world marathon record while pushing a wheelchair. This particular wheelchair contained his amazing mother who is battling Multiple Sclerosis. He did it all to raise awareness an money for Multiple Sclerosis research to help get rid of this awful disease.

An inspiration and one not to be missed.