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Talk with Trace

Oct 31, 2021

Doing business sustainably & creatively, a conversation about the urgency of environmental awareness, the future of business & not being perfect but striving for better a better way, always! A great human, a good conversation

Oct 24, 2021

How do we fair in our relationships when in lock down? The proclivities, the annoyances, the fun stuff, it’s all relevant!
Trace talks with Stav Davidson about covid, the impact throughout this time on friendships & his relationship!
It’s hilarious, the conversation is broad & you can’t miss it, it’s jam packed...

Oct 14, 2021

This episode concludes the 3 part series on International Day of Rural Women, which recognises the crucial role that women and girls play in agriculture, food security and nutrition. I was grateful to sit across from Rushini Perera, Head of Resilience, Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR), and Social Protection,...

Oct 12, 2021

Katiuscia Fara, is the Senior Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor for WFP’s regional bureau for the Asia Pacific, in Bangkok. She has been with WFP for over 6 years, and the broad scope of her roles includes climate risk management, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, sustainable...

Oct 10, 2021

Part one of this series coincides with International Day of the Girl Child, which focuses on the need to address the particular challenges girls face, as well as promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.
In this episode I spoke with Neera Sharma, the School Meals Programme Manager from WFP...