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Talk with Trace

Nov 28, 2021

Since 2019 SunButter has expanded from handmade sunblock to launching Australia's first reef safe sunscreen packaged in reusable and recyclable tins and Australia's first vegan surf zinc. All our products are listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and comply with Australia's world leading...

Nov 21, 2021

Talking about your anxiety, depression & battling the people pleaser within can take it's toll. Listen to the episode with Rhiannon on Monday, Founder & owner of the Plant Lounge for this personal & relatable conversation!
We all have our proclivities & idiosyncrasies, what is important is your support network, your...

Nov 7, 2021

Introducing James Bartle, Founder & CEO of Outland Denim.
They started as an avenue for victims of sexual exploitation to engage in safe, dignified employment as they rebuilt their lives, and have since widened our doors to accept employees from varying backgrounds of vulnerability and exploitation. This episode...