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Talk with Trace

Nov 28, 2022

Today on the podcast we explore her background into Journalism, how she started out and her peculiar but interesting choice in Japanese literature, which lead her to study it at Cambridge. From growing up on a farm, this line of progression or trajectory wasn’t exactly the standard. Megan and I discuss her time in Japan, what she learnt from the people, culture, way of life and of course how the literature connected to her. We discuss coming up through the ranks and finding her way to journalism through reporting on world events and humanitarian work. Megan is a climate correspondent and editor for (TRF), based in Barcelona as mentioned but with an international beat. She runs a small team of reporters covering the ins and outs of securing a green and just transition to a decarbonised world, especially in developing countries. She has worked on topics ranging from finance to humanitarian news throughout her career as a journalist, with stints at Reuters and the BBC.